Arla Foods Ingredients launches its first organic ingredient

Arla Foods Ingredients has launched its first organic micellar casein isolate, supporting manufacturers to meet demand for organic, natural and functional protein products.

Micellar casein isolate is an ingredient rich in native milk proteins. It is extracted from milk using gentle processing without the addition of acids. The protein maintains its chemical structure, allowing the creation of products that are close to natural as possible.

Arla Foods Ingredients’ micellar casein isolate, MicelPure, contains a minimum of 87% native protein. Designed for food, functional health foods and active nutrition applications, it is low in lactose and fat, heat-stable and taste-neutral. In a milestone for Arla Foods Ingredients, it is also the company’s first ingredient to be offered in an organic version, made from organic milk from Denmark.

Barbara Jensen, business development manager for Arla Foods Ingredients, commented: “When consumers hear ‘organic’, they think healthy, sustainable and wholesome. However, a shortage of natural, organic protein ingredients has prevented many manufacturers from entering this market. MicelPure Organic fills the gap, allowing companies to extend their portfolios with products that are both organic and packed with high-quality proteins.”

Samples of MicelPure are available for food applications such as cooking-stable cheeses, yoghurts and ice cream and puddings, as well as health and performance applications, such as ready-to-drink protein beverages and powder shakes.

Joe Katterfield, business development manager for sports nutrition and health foods at Arla Foods Ingredients, concluded: “Protein’s benefits for muscle growth, recovery and weight management have driven consumer demand in a range of categories. But while the high-protein trend is definitely here to stay, manufacturers also have to meet many other needs. MicelPure combines high protein levels and functionality with an offer of healthy wholesomeness that increases appeal.”