Arla Food Ingredients supports protein content in juice-style beverages

Lacprodan supports protein content in on-trend juice-style drink

Arla Foods Ingredients has developed a new solution to increase the protein content of juice-style oral nutrition supplements (ONS) for medical nutrition. The concept is currently on show at Vitafoods Europe (9-11 May).

Most ONS are milky beverages, but recent years have seen juice-style drinks emerge as a fresh-tasting alternative. However, such products remain niche, accounting for just 3.7% of adult liquid ONS launches over the past five years. One reason for this might be that the average protein content of ONS juice-style drinks is just 4.2g per 100g.

Arla Foods Ingredients has created a solution that makes it possible to increase the level of protein in ONS juice-style drinks to 7% without compromising on taste or mouthfeel. The new concept incorporates Lacprodan BLG-100, a 100% pure beta-lactoglobulin with an outstanding nutritional profile. It contains 7g of protein per 100g and is high in essential amino acids, including leucine (1.13g per 100g).

Juice-style medical drinks made with Lacprodan BLG-100 are a great source of protein and energy. The new solution is fat-free and the use of BLG-100 enables very low viscosity and stability over shelf life. In addition, it tastes less astringent than typical ONS juice-style products and provides a more pleasant mouthfeel, encouraging compliance in medical nutrition.

Troels Nørgaard Laursen, director for health and performance at Arla Foods Ingredients, said: “Juice-style options are a promising alternative to traditional milky oral nutritional supplements, but there has been room for improvement when it comes to their protein profile. Lacprodan BLG-100 is a great solution to this challenge. It’s rich in essential amino acids, in particular leucine,​ and helps ONS deliver a more palatable drinking experience.”