Arjuna Launches Natural Clean Label Shelf Life Extender

Kerala, India – Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd. launches X-tend, its natural preservatives range that keeps food fresh and increases shelf life. X-tend addresses three major food trends: natural, clean label and food safety. Arjuna opened a new food technology division at the company’s Cochin R&D facilities in the south of India’s Kerala State to serve food and beverage companies in addition to its established nutraceuticals clients. The company will launch the new line at Gulfood Manufacturing, Dubai, stand #S-B3.

The new line consists of distinctive formulations of proprietary blends of essential oils and oleoresins. Arjuna’s R&D team identified a unique selection of botanical extracts possessing antimicrobial activity and comprehensively tested them in multiple food and beverage applications. The sensory profiles indicated no change in taste or mouthfeel.

“Consumers’ growing demand for food free from preservatives directly influence food manufacturers’ and retailers’ decisions in developing and marketing new products,” says Benny Antony, PhD, Joint Managing Director for Arjuna. “Millennials, especially, are actively seeking safe foods without artificial ingredients. New product developers can help ensure success by focusing on clean labels. Consumers want natural, healthy products and our mission is to make it happen, and at the same time to guarantee food safety.”

Arjuna’s R&D team developed a range of natural preservatives that do not change the organoleptic properties of food and beverage products such as bread, yoghurt, cheese sausage, humus, mayonnaise and vegetable oils, fruit juices, and fruit pulp. The company’s ingredient scientists combine herbal extracts used in traditional medicine with methods of fermentation for bacteriocins, in concert with advanced technologies, such as microencapsulation and emulsification.

“Consumers are not aware that a lot of fruit-based drinks are susceptible to oxidation and microbial degradation,” explains Antony. “Drinking fresh fruit and vegetable drinks, or enjoying healthful and nutritious snacks like hummus spread that are refrigerated without preservatives could be dangerous to health. These products are highly sensitive to oxidation and contamination. Many such products currently on the market rely on synthetic preservatives to protect them.”

Arjuna’s natural antimicrobial system is made from a combination of natural antifungal and antibacterial components isolated from spices, herbs and bacteriocins. They are targeted specifically to address the spoilage issue in fresh foods and beverages, and improve shelf life naturally. Spices and herbs that are recognized as having proven antimicrobial properties are currently in demand in the food industry. Research has shown that combining select natural antimicrobials can have a synergistic effect, making them more effective than single components.

Visit us at Gulfood Manufacturing, Dubai, booth #S-B3 and Hi Europe, Frankfurt, booth #C29