Archroma Brings Innovative and Sustainable Touch to Papermaking at China International Paper Technology Exhibition 2016

  • New food contact compliant dyes for packaging and tissue, and high performance oil and grease barriers for food packaging
  • Innovative and effective pitch and deposit control to optimise production processes


Archroma, a global leader in colour and speciality chemicals, demonstrated its active support for greater sustainability in the products and manufacturing processes of the global paper industry at the China International Paper Technology Exhibition (CIPTE) 2016. The company presented its new food compliant colourant solutions at the show, further extending its innovation and sustainability-focused portfolio for paper, packaging and tissue applications.

True to its motto “We touch and colour people’s lives, every day, everywhere”, Archroma offers papermakers the opportunity to choose innovative, sustainable solutions to enhance the optical and functional properties of paper, packaging and tissue for a wide range of applications. Archroma’s value-adding sustainability also extends to papermakers themselves through solutions for reducing machine downtime and enhancing productivity.


The following innovations were presented:

New Cartasol® food compliant colourant solutions: Archroma introduces China’s tissue papermakers to the latest additions to its palette of safer dye grades. Extending its extensive portfolio of food contact compliant dyes, the four new formulations meet current EU regulations, are REACH compliant and fulfil the requirements of most eco-labels. The dyes are produced with no added diethanolamine or triethanolmine and create strong, bold colours for a wide range of tissue applications including deep dyed napkins. The reformulation of the dyes also results in reduced effluent loading, meaning that customers can benefit from reduced effluent treatment costs and the advantage of an improved ecological profile.


Highly efficient grease and water resistant surface and coating additives: Archroma offers brand owners the opportunity to use healthier, eco-friendlier paper and board food packaging. Its latest grease, oil and water barrier innovations are based on new C6 chemistry with PFOA under detection limit. They are FDA and BfR approved.

  • New Cartaguard® KMP liq is a highly efficient grease and oil barrier for the treatment of paper and board for food packaging. It has been optimised for application in the wet-end section of the paper machine and for the manufacture of moulded pulp packaging.
  • Cartaguard KST liq provides a strong and lasting barrier to grease and water to packaging materials made of virgin or recycled fibres. Its performance and environmental profile make it particularly suitable for fast food boxes and wrappers, pet food packaging, soup cube boxes, butter wrap, oil bottle labels, and for moulded pulp plates.


Stickies and natural pitch deposit control additives for a faster production process: Archroma’s deposit control range supports producers in speeding up the pulp and papermaking process by preventing deposition of stickies and natural pitch in all hardness environments. Stickie contamination of machinery is minimised, practically eliminating downtime for cleaning.

  • Cartaspers® PSM liq for wire and felt conditioning is proven to reduce the usage of cleaning solvents by up to 90 per cent. It can be used in pulping and fibre preparation, wet-end applications and for surface treatment. It is FDA-compliant, BfR-compliant and fulfils Nordic Swan and EU Ecolabel criteria.
  • Cartaspers PLH liq is a new addition to the range, suitable as a pulping or wet-end additive. It is easy to apply and very efficient at low dose in preventing deposition without releasing old contamination.


“At Archroma, we continuously challenge the status quo by opening doors in the deep belief that we can make our industry sustainable. Our focus on innovations that also support greater sustainability is making it easier than ever for papermakers in China and the rest of the world to develop both creative solutions and lessen the environmental and health impact of their products and production processes. By striking a balance between ecological and economic needs, we can make our industry sustainable,” comments Guoping Gong, Commercial Marketing Manager, Paper Solutions, Asia, at Archroma.

Cartasol®, Cartaguard® and Cartaspers® are trademarks registered by Archroma in many countries.