Aptar Food + Beverage’s SeaWell™ Active Packaging Systems Passes ISTA and ASTM Testing

Proven to meet e-Commerce robustness standards and preferred by consumers, SeaWell™ systems maintain seafood quality, freshness and aesthetics during direct-to-consumer delivery.

Aptar Food + Beverage – Food Protection, part of AptarGroup, Inc. and a leader in a broad range of food protection and active material science solutions for seafood and fresh-cut produce, has passed ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials) and ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) 3A testing procedures for its SeaWell™ active packaging system, confirming its robustness for e-Commerce seafood delivery. The series of internationally recognised test procedures established by the ISTA and ASTM is the standard for defining how packages should perform to ensure their contents are protected during transit.

SeaWell™ active pouches were filled with seafood and tested in multiple parcel configurations under small and standard packaging size parameters. These tests included drop testing, loose load vibration, low air pressure, and vehicle vibration. After undergoing all analyses, the SeaWell™ active packaging system showed no damage, rips, or tears.

In addition to passing the ISTA and ASTM protocols, the SeaWell™ system was also tested for consumer preference. In a study executed by marketing research firm Kaplan MRD, participants examined seafood packaged using SeaWell™ technology alongside the same seafood packaged in a traditional polybag. Results from the study indicated that home delivery seafood buyers prefer seafood using the SeaWell™ technology over the alternative traditional plain polybag.

“With the ISTA and ASTM standards met and the positive consumer feedback received, Aptar is well-positioned to serve the e-commerce market,” said Neal Watson, vice-president and general manager of Aptar Food + Beverage – Food Protection. “We are confident these results will broaden access to seafood home delivery, helping this market deliver fresh, high-quality seafood to customers, leading to a better consumer experience.”

Already used in thousands of store locations, the novel active packaging solution utilises integrated technology that traps and prevents accumulation of excess liquids inside the package, reducing microbial growth and chemical degradation, as well as aiding in odour control. The proprietary technology enables e-commerce businesses to distribute frozen product and allow it to thaw in transit, delivering fresh, mess-free, ready-to-cook seafood for consumers to enjoy in their home.