Angel Yeast partners with BakeMark at Bakery China 2024

The collaboration saw the launch of three product lines featuring more than 40 products (Image: Angel Yeast)

Angel Yeast has joined hands with BakeMark to introduce a variety of product lines under the name BakeMark By Angel at Bakery China 2024 in Shanghai. Looking forward, the two industry players aim to deliver quality bakery products and services that promote healthier eating choices among consumers.

Angel Yeast and BakeMark will team up to introduce three product lines featuring over 40 products including:

  • Bakery mixes and icings: This product line includes bread mixes for bagel and sourdough, cake mixes, cookie and donut mixes, as well as decorative icings.
  • Custard, cheese, and Vienna cheese fillings: This product line offers rich, creamy, and tangy flavors, perfect for enhancing a variety of pastries and baked goods.
  • Jams and fruit fillings: This product line features apricot, raspberry, and strawberry jams, condensed fruit fillings, fillings with 55% to 70% fruit content, and natural fruit fillings with a clean label.

According to research findings from Innova Market Insights, the baking ingredient sector in Asia is thriving with a growing demand for clean-label options in the baking industry. The research findings also pointeed out that by embracing healthy indulgence, global consumers are seeking nutritional value from bakery ingredients; they believe protein is the most important ingredient.

For many years, Angel Yeast has been committed to offering innovative products and solutions in response to the growing market demand for sustainable, high-protein, and plant-based protein products.

“The joint efforts between Angel Yeast and BakeMark will broaden the product range of Angel Yeast in bakery ingredients to offer our partners and consumers a variety of healthy bakery solutions,” said Wang Xishan, vice-president of Angel Yeast.

Alexy Gourgourinis, global director at BakeMark, added that this new collaboration will strengthen the strategic partnership between the two companies, and grow BakeMark’s presence in China, the Asia Pacific region, and Africa.