AMETEK Brookfield launches the RSX touchscreen rheometer for controlled rate/stress measurements

AMETEK Brookfield, part of AMETEK’s Instrumentation & Specialty Controls Division, has announced the launch of its new RSX Rheometer. The RSX is an advanced rheometer instrument with a touchscreen for controlled shear rate (rpm) and controlled shear stress (torque) modes for a sophisticated rheological analysis. With automatic data collection and analysis using the optional Rheo3000 software, RSX Rheometers offer greater flexibility and more features than other high-end rheometers in their class — at a fraction of the cost.

“The RSX Rheometer is a rugged instrument ideal for quality control (QC) purposes,” said Kai Johnstad, AMETEK Brookfield’s manager of global product marketing. “This instrument has the ability to perform a wide range of complex rheological analyses on products from industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, paints and coatings, and chemical production.”

The rugged design of the RSX Rheometer permits use on the production floor. An increased torque motor enables testing and measurement on the toughest of samples. The instrument quantifies meaningful properties like stiffness, wobbliness, sloppiness, consistency, and texture. The large, seven-inch, user-friendly touch screen and graphical display provide stand-alone simplicity for operation by QC users.

The controlled shear stress/shear rate operation makes it easy to study material behavior from initial yield to flow curve response. Rapid temperature control of the plate with Peltier or fluid heated options provides quick profiling of viscosity versus temperature. The RSX is available in cone plate (CPS), coaxial cylinder (CC), or soft solids tester (SST) configurations. With optional Rheo3000 software, the RSX can be controlled via a computer for data acquisition and analysis of multiple test files.