Alland & Robert makes organic acacia gum available to consumers in France

Alland & Robert has provided its expertise to consumers for the first time by launching powdered organic acacia gum packaged in a doypack of 150g net. The product will be distributed online via French marketplace Greenweez and soon, Amazon.

There are two acacia varieties that exudate acacia gum. Alland & Robert’s acacia gum available to consumers is of the Senegal variety. It is the highest quality of organic gum with the most functional properties.

Anne-Sophie Alland, head of strategy and development at Alland & Robert, commented: “Acacia gum is a real asset for cooks looking for healthy recipes. It is an extraordinary, multifunctional ingredient, but still little known in many countries. Its functional properties are so numerous that it is useful in a multitude of recipes, whether in pastry, baking, in sauces or soups. It is Alland & Robert’s unique expertise that allows us to share these diverse applications of acacia gum. Since 1884, Alland & Robert is an expert of this product and manufactures it for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. around the world. Our investments in research and development on acacia gum are very important and allow us to have unparalleled technical expertise. our research focuses on health topics such as sugar reduction, digestive health or formulating vegetarian products.”

Violaine Fauvarque, marketing and communication manager at Alland & Robert, added: “Acacia gum is a cooking ingredient already well known in many countries such as India and the Middle East. However, two years of pandemic have prompted consumers to cook more at home, and to take an interest to new ingredients to diversify their recipes. At the same time, people are scrutinising more and more the content of their plates and looking for naturalness. Acacia gum meets these requirements because it comes directly from a tree and is minimally processed. It is a plant-based and natural ingredient that is easy to use to improve a recipe. In addition, it makes it easy to achieve vegetarian or vegan recipes, all this while providing fibre enrichment!”

As a 100% plant-based, natural product that’s environmental-friendly, acacia gum has become a highly sought-after raw material. Also called gum arabic, it has many applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries