Ajax introduces new glass packaging by Gentlebrand

Arax, the renowned Armenian Vodka, has introduced a new glass packaging by Gentlebrand. The new wine and spirits project has demonstrated how design and technical know-how are the Italian agency’s winning assets.

Arax is a renowned Armenian vodka infused with Tarragon, an aromatic herb that is combined with local natural mineral waters to form the key element of this fine distillate, giving it an intense yet harmonious character. Thanks to its subtle and refined taste, Arax is the perfect vodka for every occasion. This versatility, together with its widespread distribution, has allowed the brand to make inroads into the hearts of many consumers, and it now boasts a very broad target audience. With increasing competition in the spirits sector, and the desire to enter international markets, the brand produced by F54 has implemented a complete restyling of its image, creating a distinctive packaging shape and design in line with a premium positioning. For such a significant makeover, Gentlebrand-Packaging Tailors proved to be the ideal strategic partner.

The new Arax, a premium quality distillate

The project was created completely from scratch, for which F54 relied on Gentlebrand’s expertise in branding and packaging design, setting no limitations other than showcasing Arax as a premium vodka.

A thorough market analysis and target audience study allowed Gentlebrand to define the new Arax Brand Strategy, adopting the right positioning and identifying the unique elements to enhance the product’s packaging. The frosted glass bottle appears to have been carved from ice, conveying the feeling of a fresh, ready-to-serve spirit. Distinct volumes emphasise a shape that is minimal yet refined, in a design that aims to communicate the premiere desired by the brand. A pattern of tarragon leaves is the only decorative element that not only enriches the base, but also recalls the natural component of the distillate. The same detail also appears on the body of the bottle and on the cap, designed especially for the customer. The large logo is clearly visible, while the stylistic choice of using the colour white as opposed to the satin finish of the glass, gives the whole a sophisticated look and feel.

Not just branding and design, but also technical feasibility

Gentlebrand’s primary aim is to provide its customers with feasible packaging solutions. Often a design that is perfect on paper is imperfect in production, requiring interventions that result in a complete change of concept when the project is completed. Thanks to a wealth of technical know-how and established network of partners, Gentlebrand adopts an integrated development process from the design to the engineering stages, a process that allows packaging to be created simultaneously from both a creative and technical standpoint. In addition, unique prototyping and quality checks allow clients to assess and validate the output of the project as it will be brought to market.

Gentlerband’s methodology and approach were fundamental in the development of Arax

Once the brand strategy had been defined and the design concept selected, the packaging tailors liaised directly with the glassworks supplying F54, ensuring that the design and all modifications were feasible. The support provided in the search for missing suppliers was essential, guiding the various teams so that the concept validated by the client could actually be put into production. The challenges of the project were diverse; one among many was balancing the green colour of the distillate with the Satinato glass, but each challenge found a clear solution, leading the client to complete satisfaction, so much so that the Italian agency was entrusted with new projects.

Arax marks an important result for Gentlebrand, making a new contribution to the international wine and spirits market.