AAK reveals new purpose and evolution of visual identity

AAK has unveiled a new corporate purpose – Making Better Happen. It was the result of an inclusion process involving more than 1,000 AAK employees across the world. At the same time, the company has launched a new visual brand identity that reflects the thinking behind the purpose.

The new purpose was brought together by two key findings – doing better and making things happen.

Johan Westman, president and CEO at AAK, explained: “Our purpose – Making Better Happen – is all about the difference we want to make. We choose to be a purpose-driven business in the belief that long-term, sustainable growth goes hand-in-hand with making a positive impact.”

Making Better Happen also inspired AAK to evolve its visual identity. At the heart of the new look is the Better Impact Ripple, which represents AAK’s contribution throughout the whole value chain – from better and more sustainable sourcing to better end-benefits for customers and their brands. The ripples flow outwards, with AAK as their source, communicating that Making Better Happen is a journey not a destination.

In recognition of the company’s heritage, the AAK logo remains unchanged, as does its long-term association with the colour blue.

“For our customers, Making Better Happen is about enabling them to be successful in a better way by working in close collaboration with us. This is reflected in our continued commitment to be the Co-Development Company,” Westman concluded.