AAK joins the MISTA platform to strengthen capabilities for plant-based foods

To accelerate innovation and drive further growth within the plant-based foods market, AAK has joined the MISTA innovation platform, based in San Francisco, California, the US.

Established in 2018, MISTA is an initiative that brings together the expertise of larger food and ingredients companies and select start-ups to optimise ideas, products, people and investments in order to address current and future challenges within the food and beverage industries. The start-ups within the MISTA platform include clean meat, plant-based, biotech, and technology companies.

Niall Sands, president plant-based foods at AAK, said: “Plant-based foods is not just a trend, rather it is rapidly becoming a mainstream lifestyle of choice given its growth trajectory. Driven by sustainability, nutrition, well-being, and animal welfare concerns, it has also cast light on challenges in the current food system. With our speciality oils and fats knowledge and application expertise, we very much look forward to collaborate with the other MISTA members to respond to the rapidly changing needs of consumers.”

Scott May, head of MISTA, added: “We are excited to welcome AAK as a MISTA member and a key contributor to deliver on our purpose to transform the global food system and meet the needs of the future. With its global presence and focus on sustainability, AAK will have a significant impact on delivering consumer-preferred solutions that require speciality oils and fats for optimal taste, texture and appearance.”