A better pill to swallow: DSM’s Products with a Purpose delivers customised nutraceutical solutions

As health and wellness literacy continues to grow amongst consumers, brands are looking for innovative solutions and products that can meet their multi-faceted demands. DSM’s new Products with a Purpose campaign seeks to cover these needs in a world of changing nutritional needs.

With the present COVID-19 pandemic situation and growing awareness toward health and wellness, consumers are, more than ever, focussing on improving their well-being. Besides shifting toward healthier and cleaner food options, they are also looking for ways to supplement their physical and mental shape.

To that end, DSM has launched a new campaign, Products with a Purpose, to meet these needs. The initiative will see DSM combining its expertise and insights in human nutrition and market demands with their purpose-led innovations. Through this model, DSM would enable its customers to formulate products to meet today’s nutritional demands, tackling issues including, but not limited to: immune health, food and beverage solutions, supplements, infant nutrition, medical nutrition, as well as malnutrition.

Prashant Pradhan, director of General Nutrition at DSM, noted: “We saw an opportunity to listen to what our customers and their consumers were looking for, and to mindfully innovate products that best served their needs in this climate. We understand the role nutrition plays in today’s ever-changing world, and we endeavour to create products that help our planet’s growing population stay healthy and ready to meet whatever challenge life provides.”

Customised solutions for customers

Thus far, the Products with a Purpose initiative has launched innovative solutions, including: ampli-D, a vitamin D supplement that aims to not only provide an immunity boost but also to promote mental well-being; pre-mixed food and beverage products that could be incorporated easily into meals and provide benefits ranging from muscle support and even skin health; and medical nutrition that help patients alleviate side effects of medical treatments chemotherapy, and improve their bone and immune health too.

“We are able to completely create customised solutions that are market-ready and shelf-stable. We innovate with our customers in mind, whether they are looking for easy-to-prepare lifestyle products that boost energy, vision, skin health and immunity; or need targeted medical-centric solutions that alleviate the ailments in old age or those living with cancer,” explained Pradhan.

“DSM possesses one of the broadest arrays of products, but also the expertise to design, build and produce them. This includes products such as EPA and DHA from sustainable marine sources or microbial fermentation; Human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) that support both immune and cognitive development due to the rebalancing of the gut microbiome; and Nutritional Lipids, which includes DSM’s portfolio of market-leading products in fish- and algae-sourced omega-3s, and arachidonic acid (ARA),” Pradhan added.

For small and large businesses alike

The flexibility afforded by the initiative also allows for both large and small enterprises to participate. With the DSM’s experience and expertise in nutritive innovations, they are able to cater to wide spectrum of needs, from companies that are just starting out, to those who might be looking to further expand their current product line-up or are looking for a higher degree of customisation. More than that, DSM’s commitment to sustainable practices also indicate that their innovations and solutions are developed with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in mind.

Referring to FORTARO®, a dietary supplement brand that includes ampli-D, as well as ready-to-go premixes which DSM has been focussing on in the past six months, Pradhan further espoused on the efficient and personable aspects of the new campaign. Furthermore, with these off-the-shelf brands and products, smaller customers would be able to procure items at a much shorter lead time while providing fortification solutions that help speed to market rollouts.

Pradhan concluded: “In the past, we were focused on end-to-end customisable solutions, which may not be approachable to some customers that are just getting into the industry or are new to expanding into F&B solutions. This strategy allows them to take out much of the guesswork when deciding what nutrients to blend, while still having our support for testing of stability of nutrients, guaranteeing shelf life and ensuring nutritional claims are met.”

This article was originally published in Food & Beverage Asia’s August/September 2021 issue.