2021 Sustainable Food Award Winners

The winners of the 2021 Sustainable Food Awards have been announced in a virtual ceremony. The winners have been selected by a judging panel from a sustainable food firm, food producer, retailer, consulting firm, and research agency. The winners and runner-ups of these international awards are as follows:

For New Sustainable Product, Oh My Gum! (UK) is the winner with its plant-based chewing gum, made from chicle sap obtained from the sapodilla tree in Mexico. The chewing gum is compostable and does not contain synthetic polymers.

OGGS® (UK) is the runner-up with its Aquafaba egg alternative.

For Sustainable Ingredient, Cabosse Naturals of the Barry Callebaut Group (Switzerland) gets top prize. It represents a line of upcycled ingredients taken from the cacaofruit, which is grown for cacao seeds to make chocolate.

Clif Bar Family Winery & Farm (USA) is runner-up with its Solar Grown™ Raw Honey.

For Sustainable Packaging, Sirane Earthwedge (UK) is the winner with its sandwich packs/skillets. The plastic-free sandwich packs are compostable and recyclable.

Trivium Packaging (Netherlands) is runner-up with its beverage bottles.

For Sustainability Pioneer, StreetCube (UK) gets top prize for sustainable street food gastronomy. It is upcycling shipping containers to make semi-kitchens for chefs to serve sustainable food to the public.

Riverford Organic Farmers (UK) is the runner-up.

For Sustainability Leadership Finalists, Nature’s Path Foods (Canada) is the winner. A pioneer in producing organic cereals, it is becoming a carbon neutral and zero waste organisation whilst addressing social impacts.

AeroFarms (USA) and Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) are the runner-ups.

The 2021 Sustainable Food Awards were announced in a virtual ceremony this year. The event is co-hosted alongside the European virtual edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit, 8-11 June.