Synergy Flavours Sweetens its Vanilla Offering

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Leading flavours and ingredients manufacturer, Synergy Flavours, has enhanced its range of vanilla flavours with a new variant of its core Madagascan vanilla extract. The new addition to the vanilla extract range possesses a sweet and creamy taste profile whilst also retaining an authentic beany flavour. Part of a wide range of extracts, flavourings and pastes, the new addition opens up broader application and taste opportunities for Synergy Flavours’ customers in the dairy, bakery and beverage sectors.

Synergy Flavours’ entire vanilla range is based on Madagascan vanilla which is a global benchmark for quality and is renowned for its rich, luxurious flavour and aromatic qualities. The new extract, which is ideally suited to dairy desserts, such as trifles, and baked goods, such as cupcakes offers creamy top-notes with sweet, beany tones. Offering an extract label declaration, the product has been developed using Synergy Flavours’ 100 years of vanilla expertise, which combines technology with artistry to create the most authentic vanilla solutions using the finest pods and beans.

Using sensory analysis, Synergy Flavours provides customisable solutions for a multitude of applications from cheesecakes and muffins to ice cream and yoghurts. As well as delivering innovative vanilla profiles including creamy, smokey and caramel varieties, Synergy Flavours’ high impact vanilla range comprises clean label, natural and organic options. 

The range includes vanilla pastes that offer a luscious, buttery profile and mouthfeel, ideal for bakery applications and frosting, as well as liquid top-notes which enable bespoke profiles for specific customer requirements.  

Hugh Evans, marketing manager Europe and Asia at Synergy Flavours, commented: “We have fused our analytical and sensory capabilities with modern extraction techniques to produce an unrivalled range of smooth, rich vanilla flavours. This latest addition to our portfolio ensures that we have the profile and format needed for the widest range of applications. Our technical experts assist customers in selecting the right vanilla or combination of profiles to develop winning recipes. With provenance and clean label key considerations for many target applications, our Madagascan vanilla range includes natural liquid top-notes that permit a natural vanilla flavouring declaration.”                                                                                      

With extensive technical knowledge and a vast portfolio of flavour solutions, Synergy Flavours offers the application know-how, sensory science and market insight to meet the exacting needs of customers in a wide range of markets and sectors.