SVZ Flexes its Vegetable Power with Clear Carrot Juice and Concentrate

Starches, Fibre & Fruit Products

Fruit and vegetable ingredient supplier SVZ has launched a premium quality, clear carrot juice range. Colourless and with minimal taste, the new clear carrot juice helps reduce sugar and boost the nutrient content in beverages, without impacting on overall flavour and colour. 

As consumers increasingly seek to cut sugar from their diets, vegetable-based beverages are taking the lead in product innovation. Clear carrot juice can replace other ingredients to reduce the fructose, and therefore calorie, content in beverages, adding consumer appeal. The clear carrot juice and clear carrot juice concentrate ingredients are rich in minerals and ideal to boost the healthy profile of beverage applications including fruit and vegetable juices, carbonated drinks and premium beverages.

Sourced from the highest quality raw materials through SVZ’s sustainable supply chain and produced through proprietary processing methods in its state of the art plant, this unique carrot ingredient opens the doors to exciting new beverage formulations with superior health credentials. European food and beverage manufacturers can add new value to products, capitalising on the processing and marketing advantages of using a vegetable ingredient in their innovations. 

Mia Schellekens, Product Development Manager at SVZ said, “There is a notable increase in demand for healthier ingredients with manufacturers turning towards vegetables for use within their formulations. However, while the nutritional profile of a vegetable in a drink will appeal to the consumer, the associated flavour or colour may not. SVZ developed the clear carrot juice and concentrate with customers to enable them to stay ahead of the latest market trends and still produce a flavoursome beverage that looks as good as it tastes.”