New Lubrication-Free Linear Guide from igus for Greater Sliding Precision

Automation & Control Systems

Heavy-duty version of the drylin T linear guide from igus, now with adjustable clearance

The drylin T guide as a heavy-duty version with adjustable clearance will be presented by the motion plastics specialist from Cologne at Motek in Stuttgart. This new product provides users with more precision during linear movement, even in very rough environments. The HD version with stainless-steel cover is also suitable for heavy loads in dirty surroundings and is insensitive to impacts.

Dirt, adhesive residue and mud are all factors that can influence the running of a linear guide system. In order to counter this, igus GmbH from Cologne has developed a heavy-duty version of the drylin T linear guide. This is now also available with adjustable clearance in order to achieve greater adjusting precision even in difficult environments. The heavy-duty guide carriages TW-12-20 can be adjusted seamlessly in the bearing clearance. This is very easy to do with an allen key As the plastic sliding elements made of the self lubricated material iglidur J are integrated into the carriage in such a way that they cannot be lost, they can be easily removed from the rail and pushed back on for assembly purposes. The complete linear guide causes little friction and is wear-resistant. Particles cannot stick to the carriage and impair running as no lubricant of any kind is necessary. Both the rail made of hard-anodised aluminium as well as the carriage made of anodised aluminium with a stainless-steel cover are corrosion resistant.

Interesting alternative to roller guides

In addition, this carriage simultaneously ensures easy and robust linear guidance. It is insensitive to impacts and can tolerate high loads of up to 740 kilograms and is therefore ideal for difficult extreme applications. The low weight and the compactness of the system allow easy and uncomplicated assembly. The range of floating bearing versions offered reduces assembly and alignment times drastically.

Due to the qualities of the system, namely its load bearing capacity, the absence of lubricants and its resistance to the influence of surroundings, the drylin T HD is an attractive product for many different industries. The possibility of manual clearance adjustment, however, offers great potential for a wide range of applications. As the drylin T HD was deliberately designed to have the same dimensions as classical roller guides, the retrofitting of existing installations is possible without difficulty.