Naturex Gives an Extra Boost to the US Greek Yoghurt Category

Dairy Products

In the past few years, Greek yoghurt has represented a major opportunity in the dairy sector. However, sales have begun to flatten out, rising only 3 per cent in January 2015. To return the category to its previously strong growth, manufacturers need to find new ways to stand out of the crowd and appeal to consumers.

To help them achieve this, Naturex’s SPRINGlab innovation team has developed a savoury yoghurt concept that harnesses Naturex’s know-how in tasty vegetables, herbs and natural colours. The application is designed to appeal to millennial consumers and yoghurt enthusiasts looking for innovative snacks.

Tasty and healthy, the Tuscan-style snack offers a unique flavour and vibrant appearance. Creamy Greek yoghurt is served on top of a savoury blend of diced vegetables and herbs that echoes the traditions of Tuscan cuisine. The vegetable preparation is coloured with a new red colour solution (Natural Coral Red), recently developed by Naturex’s colours R&D team. The colour solution is the perfect alternative to carmine, and keeps the yoghurt looking perfect by preventing the migration of colours between layers. The Mediterranean taste is achieved simply with a combination of diced fresh-tasting sweet tomatoes, crisp sweet red bell peppers, ripe black olives and aromatic oregano.

Nathalie Pauleau, Business Manager at Naturex, said: “This natural and healthy yoghurt concept was developed with Millennials in mind, and we paid particular attention to creating an original taste experience. This is a great new way to consume yoghurt, not just as a savoury snack but also as a delicious dip. This yoghurt is an invitation to let your mind wander to the beautiful Tuscan countryside, which is a great selling point, since 75 per cent of the millennial generation is eager to travel abroad.”