Kalsec Expands Expeller-Pressed Spice and Herb Extracts as Consumers Seek Simpler Labels

Colours, Flavours & Aromas

Responding to consumer demand for simpler ingredients, Kalsec® is expanding its line of expeller-pressed spice and herb extracts. Kalsec® expeller-pressed extracts are made with a patented, carefully designed process intended to capture the true essence of spices and herbs.

"The Kalsec® technology is quite sophisticated, but the concept of expeller pressing dates back to early times," says Kalsec® CEO George Todd. The method involves mechanical pressing of the spices and herbs and requires no organic solvents in the extraction process. Unique, consumer-friendly "artisan" style labelling, such as "expeller-pressed celery”, may be possible with these Kalsec® extracts.

The Kalsec® expeller-pressed product line now includes anise, capsicum, celery, chipotle, coriander, cumin, dill, fennel, jalapeno, mace and paprika. In addition to being Organic-Suitable and non-GMO, these products are accepted under the Whole Foods Market® standards, have excellent microbial stability, and come in a convenient liquid form. Kalsec® expeller-pressed extracts are manufactured at its Denver City, Texas, facility.