Ingredion Launches Versatile Precisatm 600 Starch Series for Processed and Analogue Cheese

Dairy Products

Ingredion has launched a new line of high-performing starches – the PRECISATM 600 starch series solutions – for cost optimisation and improved functionality in processed and analogue cheese.

Utilising Ingredion’s proprietary DIAL-IN® Texture Technology, the PRECISATM 600 series is designed to scale down on the costly dairy-based ingredients in processed and analogue cheese, allowing manufacturers to create great-tasting cheese products affordably while achieving the desired key functionalities.

Each of the starches in the PRECISATM 600 series has a differentiated functionality, providing manufacturers with a number of solutions to address various processing and formulation needs. These include: better viscosity control, a faster/slower gelling rate, improved meltability, optimised firmness for shredding and slicing, stretchability, spreadability, and flowability. This range is ideal for processed and analogue cheese blocks, slice-on-slice (SOS), mozzarella, spreads and sauces.

By using price-stable, starch-based ingredients like the PRECISATM 600 series, manufacturers can overcome the price volatility of dairy-based ingredients. Consisting of PRECISATM 600, PRECISATM 601 and PRECISATM 630S, the range enables manufacturers to optimise the protein content to achieve savings on their overall cost of formulation and sensory target.

For example, PRECISATM 630S is able to replace part of the cheddar cheese in processed block cheese, while maintaining similar firmness and shredding. For enhanced elasticity and firmness required for shredding, the addition of PRECISATM 600 is recommended. PRECISATM 601 enhances the key texture attribute of melting, while maintaining desired firmness. Ingredion’s flexible toolbox approach allows these three starches to be used independently or in combination to attain a range of desired properties, customised to each unique challenge.

Thng Suh Fang, Dairy Application Manager for Asia Pacific commented: “When it comes to creating cheese products, each challenge is unique. This is where Ingredion’s technical expertise and advanced portfolio of cheese solutions come in. We partner with our customers to understand their requirements so we can select the right process-orientated solutions to deliver the desired cheese properties. The new range offers breakthrough solutions for manufacturers who aim to reach their sensory targets in everything from blocks and shreds to slices and spreads, allowing for optimised protein content that is vital for good mouthfeel.”