Wear-Resistant Even At High Temperatures: igus bar stock in new materials


The new wear-resistant bar stock made from iglidur A500 and C500 are resistant to temperature and media. (Source: igus GmbH)

Bar stock made from iglidur A500 and C500 supplement the largest range of bar stock made from abrasion-resistant high-performance polymers

For prototypes, test samples and small batches, igus offers its customers 25 types of bar stock made of lubrication-free and maintenance-free high-performance plastics. Now the motion plastics specialist has added two new iglidur materials to its extensive product range. Bar stock made from iglidur A500 and C500 are resistant to temperature and media and provide design flexibility in the food and chemical industry, medical engineering and plant engineering.

Easy-to-machine bar stock from igus open up a wide range of options for design engineers to produce the ideally suited, lubrication-free and maintenance-free moving components at a low cost for any application. The bar stock that can be machined mechanically enables the uncomplicated turning, milling and cutting of individual parts in various forms. igus now offers two new materials, A500 and C500  which have an extremely high resistance to media and temperature.

Customised requested parts for harsh environmental conditions

The iglidur A500 can be used at both very low and very high temperatures and offers a range from -100 to + 250° C. The material is also extremely resistant to chemicals and is at the same time FDA-compliant. Thus, iglidur A500 is suitable for applications in the food and beverages industry as well as in medical applications. With iglidur C500, igus now also has a bar stock material in the product range, which can also be used at temperatures up to +250° C. It is extremely media-resistant, for example in contact with hydrogen peroxide and water vapour, and ideal for use with pumps or valves in the chemical or processing industry. In addition, iglidur C500 has significantly improved friction and wear coefficients on average, compared to iglidur A500. With a striking colour scheme, the parts are clearly distinguishable in storage and assembly. Both materials, like all iglidur bar stock, are available as round bars in the lengths of 100 to 1,000 millimetres. Due to the extensive tests carried out in the igus test lab, the service life can be reliably calculated and predicted. On request, the "speedicut" service can also be used to produce and deliver bar stock from igus immediately, according to the user's specifications. The submission of a 3D model or a 2D drawing will suffice. The finished component is delivered to the customer within a few days.