Tate & Lyle Scientists Help TungLok Chefs Reduce Sugar in Traditional Chinese Dessert


Biopolis, Singapore, 26 February 2018: Tate & Lyle PLC ('Tate & Lyle'), a leading global provider of speciality food ingredients and solutions, has helped chefs at TungLok, a leading food service group in Asia, to transform the health credentials of their range of Nian Gao desserts. Nian Gao or “year cake” is a popular rice-based dish commonly enjoyed as a centerpiece for family celebrations at Chinese New Year.

Tate & Lyle scientists at its food applications labs in Singapore helped to create a new and improved range of the celebration cakes for TungLok, providing the same great taste with at least 25% less sugar, fewer calories and additional dietary fibre.

The new product range will incorporate one of Tate & Lyle’s latest ingredients to hit the Singapore market – DOLCIA PRIMA® Allulose – a low-calorie rare sugar that provides the sensory experience (taste and texture) of sugar without the calories.

TungLok’s Nian Gao is recognised by the Singapore Health Promotion Board for its reduced sugar and added fibre benefits under its Healthier Choice Symbol Programme.

Harry Boot, General Manager at Tate & Lyle Asia Pacific and SVP Speciality Food Ingredients, said: “Our food scientists took great care to maintain the sticky and sweet eating experience families have loved for generations while reducing the amount of sugar in TungLok’s traditional Nian Gao dessert by at least 25%. We are proud to have developed a solution that respects the dish’s long heritage and special characteristics, while helping consumers to meet their health goals.”

Mr Andrew Tjioe, President and CEO at TungLok Group, said: "Tate & Lyle has been generous in sharing its knowledge on their products, and in helping us develop a healthier version of one of the most challenging New Year goodies to produce – the Nian Gao. Tate & Lyle’s team is quick and professional, which enabled us to produce excellent R&D results within a short time frame. The marketing and sale of our Nian Gao has just started, and we are already receiving many enquiries and positive responses from customers. We are confident that the products will be well received in the market.”

On collaborations with food innovation companies, food and beverage establishments as well as manufacturers, Mr Chee Hong Tat, Singapore's Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Communications and Information, said:

“I believe that by bringing our efforts together across the supply chain – from research, ingredient development to food manufacturing – we will grow the market for healthier products and raise consumer awareness of healthier choices. Herein lies great potential to help transform the palate of consumers in Singapore and beyond, into the region.”