Symrise joins food start-up KitchenTown Berlin


Combined expertise to help shape a sustainable food system.

Symrise has established a partnership with KitchenTown Berlin, a food and food-tech innovation network setup to impact the food system with a focus on the development, commercialisation, and launch of transformational food products.

KitchenTown has created an active global community of food entrepreneurs and innovators to support and develop a new sustainable food system. Participants can join KitchenTown through memberships and use its facilities and expertise. Additionally, KitchenTown offers an accelerator programme where start-ups can apply for funding and venture development.

Symrise leverages the food facility and co-working spaces to facilitate collaboration and co-creation between its taste experts, foodies, entrepreneurs and their customers, the manufacturers of food and beverage products. Ideas developed and fast-tracked in KitchenTown can be reviewed with consumers. Through a rapid prototyping approach and compressed creation, the collaboration enables critical project acceleration.

Heinrich Schaper, president, flavour, Symrise, said: “We have entered the innovation network to ideate, create, and grow new food and beverages ideas in the smartest way possible. We are one of the founders of the flavour industry, and a provider of taste with innovative food ingredients expertise with product development capabilities, and we look forward to partnering with KitchenTown Berlin and its start-up ecosystem.”

Founders will gain access to a 1,000 metre-square innovation space, tailored to the needs of food and food-tech thought leaders, including a development lab, small batch production facilities, as well as a co-working and event space located in the heart of Berlin, amidst the capital’s start-up scene.

Schaper added: “KitchenTown Berlin is a great partner for agile development projects. At Symrise, we regard collaboration in open eco-systems and strategic partnerships as important enablers for long-term business success. It is our pleasure to connect our customers and tasty industry experts with innovators and thought leaders, while accelerating their innovation cycle.”

The company has a heritage of external collaborations, including strategic research and technology partnerships as well as their Califormulations end-to-end rapid innovation approach in the US. Both Califormulations and KitchenTown are prepared to quickly develop shelf-ready, scalable products by replacing the traditional and often time-consuming “stage gate” innovation funnel through creative innovation sprints.