PureCircle Has Been Granted More Stevia-Related Patents Than Any Other Company Globally in Each of the Last 5 Years


  • Company Has Many Additional Applied-For Patents Pending
  • Reflection of Company's Strong Innovation and R&D On Great-Tasting Stevia Sweeteners and Stevia-Based Flavor Enhancers

KUALA LUMPUR, MalaysiaMay 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- PureCircle (LSE: PURE), the world's leading producer and innovator of great-tasting stevia sweeteners for the global beverage and food industry, continues to build on its strong patent protection, reflecting its advanced innovation, research and development.

As a result of its cutting-edge work with stevia, PureCircle has been granted more stevia-related patents than any other company globally in each of the last five years.

In the year ended April 30, 2017, the company was granted 15 new patents globally. In addition, during that one-year period, it applied for 70 additional patents. 

Those new patents and patent applications are in addition to the company's already significant patent protection and activity.  As of April 30, 2017, PureCircle held a total of 72 granted patents, and had 205 applied-for patents pending worldwide.  These patents -- and applied-for patents -- cover stevia-related products and processes.

Beyond patents, and further enhancing its broad-based intellectual property, the company has extensive trade secrets and know-how.

PureCircle CEO Magomet Malsagov noted: "Our intellectual property, including the hundreds of patents we hold and have applied for globally -- and the additional patents for which we shall apply -- reflect the strength and depth of our R&D and the importance of that R&D to our success."

Given the growing global concerns about increases in obesity and diabetes, beverage and food companies are working quickly to reduce sugar and calories in their products, responding to both consumers and health and wellness advocates.  Sweeteners from the stevia plant are becoming an increasingly important tool for these companies.  

With PureCircle's extensive R&D on the stevia plant and on its use and applications, the company is quickly scaling up its ability to produce the newer, innovative and great-tasting stevia sweeteners which will work well in a broad range of beverages and foods and enable an even greater degree of calorie reduction.