Pharmactive’s saffron earns organic seal


The company’s affron, affronEYE and ABG10+ are now certified organic.

Pharmactive Biotech Products has received organic certifications for its range of saffron-based formulations – affron and affronEYE. The company was also granted its organic designation from the Committee of Ecological Agriculture of Madrid (CAEM) rising to meet the global consumer demand for naturally sourced botanicals. Another organic certification was also granted to its aged black garlic extract, ABG10+. The organic line will be presented at booth 3909 during Natural Products Expo West, which will be held from 4-7 Mar 2020 at Anaheim, California, the US.

Alberto Espinel, head of R&D for Pharmactive, said: “The organic seal of approval is a confirmation of the integrity of our ingredients. It reassures today’s informed consumers that our saffron brand can be trusted as purely sourced and wholly unadulterated.”

Pharmactive’s saffron ingredients are based on an extraction of Spanish saffron (Crocus sativus L.), grown and hand-picked from its private fields in Castillae-la-Mancha. No pesticides or chemical substances are used, and the saffron is dried on site after harvest to ensure maximum staibility of the bioactive compounds. The company collaborates with select saffron farmers and has positioned a committed quality control department to run periodic analyses of its raw materials to ensure adherence to the standards.

Pharmactive’s affron saffron brand is backed by five clinical studies demonstrating its ability to improve mood, relieve stress, support relaxation, and enhance sleep. The company further claimed that affron is also the first saffron extract clinically studied on adolescents. This ingredient demonstrates the lowest dosage threshold on the market – just 28mg per day – with proven bioavailability and rapid one-hour absorption, said the company.

The company’s affronEYE saffron extract has been standardised to a higher percentage of crocins, the biomolecule known to support eye health.

Organic certification also extends to Pharmactive’s new generation of aged black garlic extract, ABG10+, targeting heart health and the culinary segment. The formulation is obtained from fresh garlic (Alium sativum L.) that has been aged in a process that enhances its antioxidant properties, particularly with S-allyl crysteine (SAC), a compound noted for its potent antioxidant and cardioprotective capabilities.

Julia Diaz, head of marketing for Pharmactive, emphasised Pharmactive’s goal is to attain organic certification for its entire portfolio of botanicals, and concluded: “We have invested much effort into deploying the optimal production processes and controls, and in acquiring quality seals from relevant external regulators to earn the full confidence of our customer as to the clean-label attributes of our all-natural ingredients.”