Ohly develops new IP Lime Powder to PRODRY range


Ohly has introduced PRODRY IP Lime Powder, which the company claimed to have the “most authentic lime taste” available in powder form in today’s market.

As the latest member to the PRODRY product range, PRODRY IP Lime Powder is made from Identity Preserved limes from California and Latin America with the fresh, juicy, citrus taste of lime that consumers would crave. It’s an ingredient for lime-flavoured dry formulations, and can be paired with recipes like Guacamole style snacks, tasty dry baking mixes or other applications such as sauces, ready meals or meat and poultry products.

Jan Bebber, global marketing and supply chain director, Ohly, concluded: “Our PRODRY IP Lime Powder is another great addition to Ohly’s PRODRY range. It’s real lime in powder form to give manufacturers an authentic taste of lime in a wide range of products. And it stands as representative of what our customers can expect from Ohly in the future regarding new culinary powders with authentic taste.”

The clean, acidic lime flavour of PRODRY IP Lime Powder comes from real lime puree and juice from citrus latifolia and citrus aurantifolia limes. PRODRY IP Lime Powder is allergen and gluten free, and is suitable for vegetarian and vegan products, as well as being halal and kosher certified.

Based on Ohly’s experience in taste ingredient development and manufacturing, PRODRY products retain the volatile aroma components for maximum consumer experience. The dry powder is convenient to manage during processing, and ensures consistency in food preparation. In addition, powders have approximately six times long shelf life than liquids making them an ideal alternative.