Merchandise Management 4.0: Digital Catalogue Data Now Provided for Chainflex Cables

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Data exchange made easy: More than 1,400 chainflex cables for moving applications are now managed in the digital product catalogue according to BMEcat. (Source: igus GmbH)

Selection, procurement, ordering, invoicing - complex merchandise management with products in the B2B area needs one thing above all: simple and standardised processes from the manufacturer to the recipient, and uniform worldwide. Under the name BMEcat, the Federal Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft und Einkauf (BME)) has developed a standard system for the electronic exchange of catalogue data that can easily be integrated into existing merchandise management systems. igus, the motion plastics specialist, is now using the exchange format for catalogue data for its chainflex cables used in moving applications.

The principle can be explained easily: instead of labouriously leafing through printed catalogues, selecting products and writing out quantities and part numbers, standardised processes are the heart of the electronic product catalogue according to the BMEcat format. All components relevant to merchandise management are classified according to a uniform system, including addresses, key data, product characteristics, photos and prices. The advantages of the BMEcat format becomes obvious once the master data has been recorded. The necessary product information is stored in a file, is visible at a glance, can be called up quickly and can be edited with just a few mouse clicks.

chainflex cables can now also be ordered via eCl@ss

igus uses the eCl@ss for electronic merchandise management according to the ISO/IEC standard, and other recognised classification systems such as ETIM or UNSPC are also supported. Because BMEcat uses this worldwide data standard, the digital exchange of product data works in different branches of industry as well as in different countries and languages. As of now, the full product range with more than 1,400 different chainflex cables will be managed in the digital product catalogue - a procedure that makes the ordering process much easier for customers. Since the first chainflex cables were launched on the market almost 30 years ago, the variety of products has become so great that standardised processes are now worthwhile in B2B business. In the case of the harnessed readycable drive cables alone, there are more than 4,200 types for 24 manufacturers' standards to choose from. Merchandise Management 4.0 with igus means smart processes, no cutting costs, no minimum order quantity, cable sold by the metre, and harnessed goods - and a service life guarantee of 36 months on all chainflex cables used in moving applications. For this igus provides online tools for configuration and calculation for free download - clear, reliable and digital.