Large Selection, Quick Decision: iglidur Plain Bearing Catalogue Helps You To Save Costs


Maintenance-free igus bearing technology now easy to find with practical overview of materials, size selection and price list.

Reduce costs by 40%, weight by 80% and save 100% lubricants. These are the advantages provided by igus plain bearings made of tribo-polymers, in contrast to metallic solutions such as DU, sintered or needle roller bearings. For all bearing points with standard dimensions, the customer can now rely on the new easy-to-use iglidur catalogue. With the help of a practical order code, the correct part number of standard materials can be easily found. A current price list provides information about the various differential prices.

If the user is looking for a long-lasting plain bearing, igus has a wear-resistant solution with its lubrication-free high-performance plastics. By using iglidur plain bearings, the customer not only saves costs, but also improves their technology by keeping maintenance work to a minimum. igus already has 17 materials as standard in its product range. They include all-rounders, specialists for the food industry, bearings for heavy loads and use in chemicals. To give the user an overview of these materials in standard dimensions, igus offers a quick guide with its new 96 page, easy-to-use, iglidur Basics catalogue. Practical tables and descriptions of characteristics help you to choose the right iglidur plain bearing for your application. For the order code, the customer only needs the metric dimensions for the inner and outer diameter as well as the total length. Thanks to a price list, the user also has the opportunity to directly calculate the costs of the bearing solution for various differentials, compare them with other suitable materials and design their application cost-effectively.

Calculate service life online

If the customer wants to know how long the plain bearing will last in the application, they can use the online service life calculator to find out the durability of its plain bearing. In addition to the 17 standard materials, igus offers 34 other special materials in its product range, such as for high-temperature applications or applications in extreme environments. Upon request, igus also produces special shapes in addition to standard measurements through the mechanical processing of bar stock, in 3D printing or in injection moulding.

The new practical iglidur Basics catalogue can be requested or downloaded at

The new iglidur catalogue helps you with a practical overview of materials, size selection and price list for the quick selection of a lubrication-free plain bearing solution. (Source: igus GmbH)