IFT 2019: Naturex Showcases Expertise in Plant-Based Ingredients


Avignon, France. May 29, 2019 – Naturex is showcasing its wide-ranging expertise in plant-based ingredients at this year’s IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo from June 3-5 in New Orleans. Designed to naturally enhance consumers’ total sensory experience, Naturex will feature concepts that include its latest natural, clean label food, beverage, health and wellness solutionson the market.

Created in Naturex’s SPRINGlab application laboratories, the concepts will include Naturex’s all-natural fire-roasted vegetables, fruit powders, coloring foods, and preservatives as well as selected berries and botanicals with intuitive benefits for wellness.Join us atbooth #3741 to enjoy:

  • A Mexican inspired Elote corn on the cob, made using Naturex’s fire-roasted vegetable purées which deliver intense flavors and concentrated caramelized notes. The chipotle infused mayo uses our botanical EDTA replacer, to preserve the freshest tastes and flavors, naturally.
  • A Granola trail mix coated with raspberry powder for a surprising, enjoyable taste experience.
  • Two healthy bubble teas with a healthy twist:
    • Created using our vibrant, clean label Vegebrite® coloring foods range, Blue Hurricane contains naturally stimulating Yerba Mate and Green Coffee Bean for long-lasting energy with an intense color from our new Ultimate Blue Spirulina.
    • Yellow Sunrise includes Acerolife™ to boost immunity and provide added health benefits. Derived from Acerola cherries, Acerolife™ contains up to 34% naturally occurring vitamin C.

Chef Lynne Foster, Naturex’s Applications Laboratories Manager said: “The diversity of these concepts demonstrates our wide-ranging expertise in taste and color and ability to enhance the consumer experience naturally. This expertise combined with our plant-based ingredients makes us the trusted partner for developing products that consumers trust and enjoy”.