HRS Brings Packaged Solutions for Pasteurisation and Sterilisation

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The HRS Thermblock AS Series is designed for the thermal treatment of viscous food products such as purees and sauces

Pasteurisation and sterilisation are now so well established that it is impossible to contemplate the production of many food and drink products without using these important techniques.

Both pasteurisation and sterilisation involve the use of heat, usually in a way which does not affect the fundamental characteristics of the product (in other words, it doesn’t cook it). However, while sterilisation seeks to completely eliminate any micro-organisms which may be present in the product (and so typically uses higher temperatures or longer treatment periods, and is therefore more likely to have an effect on the product’s characteristics), pasteurisation reduces the microbial load by a significant factor (for example by 5-logs), which in normal circumstances reduces them to a level at which they do not pose a hazard. 

While simple plate heat exchangers may still be suitable for the pasteurisation of simple fluids such as milk and fruit juices, more textured and viscous products, such as cooking sauces, creams and curds, require different solutions in order to maintain their quality and texture. In order to meet this diverse range of requirements, HRS Heat Exchangers has created its Thermblock packaged pasteuriser/steriliser for food products for aseptic filling, as well as any other filling or packing method. Depending on specification and the intended use, Thermblock uses the most appropriate HRS tubular heat exchanger to deliver effective and efficient thermal treatment.

All HRS Thermblock systems allow for full adjustment of the heating-holding-cooling cycle of the product, so that it can be tailored to your product/s and method/s of working. They can also be used as HTST (High Temperature, Short Time) units, subjecting the product to high temperatures for a short time to minimise potential side-effects, such as organoleptic changes or nutritional losses).

There are three models of HRS Thermblock:

HRS Thermblock DTA Series

This features a double tube pasteuriser and steriliser for food products containing pieces or particulates, such as fruit and vegetable dices. The steriliser comprises double tube corrugated heat exchangers from the HRS DTA Series and also includes a positive displacement HRS BP Series piston pump which is specifically designed for products containing large pieces.

Options for the Thermblock DTA Series include reception, air-removal and product impulsion sections to help ensure the absence of air during the thermal treatment stage. The HRS Thermblock DTA Series is suitable for applications such as diced tomatoes, onions, and fruits; as well as products with large particles, such as soups and sauces, baby food, jams and marmalades.

HRS Thermblock AS Series

This is a packaged annular-space pasteuriser and steriliser solution for thermal treatment for pasteurising and sterilising food products with high viscosity. The steriliser is composed of concentric tube heat exchangers, or annular space heat exchangers from the HRS AS Series, which are particularly suitable for high viscosity products without particulates. Product flows in the central annular space, while the heating or cooling media passes through both the internal and external jacket.

The steriliser can also include a high pressure piston volumetric pump with frequency converter capable of working pressures up to 180 bar, suitable for high viscosity products such as tomato paste or some purees. For lower pressure applications (up to 40 bar), or products with particulates, the HRS BP Series of piston pumps is recommended. The HRS Thermblock AS Series also features an automatic cleaning in place (CIP) system and is suitable for products including: tomato pulp and paste, ketchup and pizza sauce, fruit puree and concentrate, jams and marmalades etc.

The HRS Thermblock MI Series is a fully packaged steriliser or pasteuriser designed for food with low or medium viscosity

HRS Thermblock M Series

The M Series is for food with low or medium viscosity. The steriliser is composed of multi-tube corrugated tube heat exchangers from the HRS MI Series and HRS MR Series. A key feature is that it can be designed to include direct or indirect energy recovery, which means that up to 90 per cent of the energy can be reused, greatly reducing overall energy consumption and improving the return on investment.

Typical applications for the HRS Thermblock M Series include: juices and beverages, fruit and vegetable purees and concentrates, milk and dairy products, and smooth soups and sauces.

Offering a comprehensive range of pasteurisation and sterilisation options for food and drink producers, and with more than 30 years’ experience around the world, HRS Heat Exchangers are ideally placed to help you find the ideal pasteurisation or sterilisation solution for your process.