Glatt to Help Manufacturers Accelerate On-Trend Products With Sophisticated Technologies


Anuga FoodTec 2018, hall 04.2, booth A068: Glatt Ingenieurtechnik shows manufacturers how to fast track the development of new ingredients using fluidized bed and spouted bed processes for rapid market entry

Weimar (Germany), January 2018: At Anuga FoodTec  in Cologne, Germany, the leading global trade fair for the food and beverage industry, plant manufacturer Glatt Ingenieurtechnik will present established processes that help manufacturers to rapidly develop marketable products. From delicious instant drinks to essential oils or vitamins for sports nutrition or dietary supplements, Glatt works closely with its customers to engineer bespoke solutions to produce product samples, scale-up processes and construct economically designed, energy efficient production facilities.

According to the latest trend report from market research agency Mintel, global demand for products containing natural or health-promoting ingredients continues to rise, whereas sugar, salt and fat are still on the negative list. In addition, more and more consumers are taking a closer look at whether their favorite brands offer transparency, environmentally friendly manufacturing and a sustainable supply chain. Sophisticated processes such as fluidized bed and spouted bed technologies from Glatt Ingenieurtechnik enable ingredient manufacturers to quickly implement modern thinking into sought-after products that meet the expectations of both the food industry and everyday consumers.

For example, high-quality powders or mixtures can be transformed into homogenous and highly soluble, porous granules for instant products using spray agglomeration. Frequently, the improved product structure results in better product properties. As such, no additives are required. Furthermore, spray granulation and subsequent microencapsulation also offer a wide range of particle design options to simultaneously dry or solidify liquid raw materials such as solutions, suspensions, emulsions or melts to form compact granules in a single step. With no need for additional substances, the ingredient list stays short! Healthy and sensitive ingredients — such as minerals, phytochemicals, aromatic compounds, essential oils or oxidation-sensitive vitamins — usually require a protective shell or structural modification to be incorporated into new formulations. Homogenously embedded in granules or protected in microcapsules, or processed with other substances into easily soluble agglomerates — possibly with a functional coating — they easily provide added value in convenience or dairy products, snacks or lozenges.

Interested parties can register to test their products and processes at the company’s Technology Center. Facilies of all sizes are available, including the flexible mobile laboratory plant, Glatt ProCell LabSystem. Of course, equipment can also be rented or purchased. In Glatt’s Technology Center, product samples ranging from a few grams to hundreds of kilograms can be developed and produced. Company engineers provide pilot capacities for scale-up and contract manufacturing, either as a long-term or interim solution. As such, ingredient producers can profitably fill the production gap during the commissioning stage and provide an uninterrupted supply.