Festo develops new compact rotary gripper module EHMD


The compact rotary gripper module EHMD from Festo is designed for applications where small objects need to be gripped and turned in confined spaces. For instance, it can be used in laboratory automation to open small sample vials with ease. The Z module automatically adjusts to the thread pitches of the caps, eliminating the need for head or adapter changeover times.

The module EHMD can be deployed for in-vitro diagnostics, cell or genome research or quality inspections in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. This rotary gripping is able to prepare and analyse samples, load centrifuges, grip, rotate, and place microwell plates or even open and close sample vials of different sizes.

Combined with a 3D gantry and a camera, it can support inspections with cameras, recognise bar codes, or print labels with a label printer. It can also be employed in light assembly or in the electronics industry.

The EHMD is available in two versions, fully electronic or with a pneumatic gripper. The optional assembly module with Z compensation automatically adjusts to the thread pitch of the caps without moving the Z-axis. When powered by the motor controller CMMO-ST from Festo, it allows sample containers of unknown sizes to be gripped with varying levels of force.