Editor’s pickDSM Extends Culture Range with New Culture for Creamy Yoghurts


Consumers are looking for more indulgent, creamy taste from their yoghurt. A new culture for stirred yoghurt from DSM offers a unique combination of high-creaminess and mild taste that consumers are after in today’s market.

Yoghurt is known for its nutritional benefits and healthy image, but taste and indulgence are also becoming increasingly important to modern consumers. Yoghurts that are marketed as providing “double indulgence” or having a “soft and creamy texture” are increasingly popular, as are more dessert-like flavours such as chocolate, salted caramel, and raspberry cheesecake. DSM’s new Delvo®Fresh YS-140 culture provides a velvety mouthfeel and mild taste that deliver on the desire for more yogurt treats throughout the day.

Delvo®Fresh YS-140 is a high-performance culture with a fast fermentation time and limited post-acidification at 5°C, meaning it maintains a mild taste during its entire shelf life. It is suitable for all types of stirred yoghurts, including flavoured or plain yoghurt, as well as yoghurts with added indulgent flavours such as fruit. Thanks to DSM’s high production standards and expertise in fermentation technology, the Delvo®Fresh YS-140 also offers an attractive cost-in-use.