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December 2019

Editor’s pickMapping a healthier Asia


In an attempt to contribute to better nutrition and health, Beneo has been actively following the latest trends and developments in the food and feed industry. Christian Philippsen, managing director for Beneo Asia-Pacific, elaborates on the company’s expertise in providing smart ingredients for healthy nutrition. Chinese consumers are …

Comexi closes K Fair on a high note


The company received more than 700 visitors at the trade fair in Düsseldorf, and is in the midst of finalising over 50 new projects worldwide At the K 2019 Fair in October, Comexi welcomed more than 700 visitors to its booth, and has further secured talks for over 50 new projects with various worldwide companies as well as closing sales for …

Flash pasteuriser for beer – microbiological safety


When producing beers and juices, thermal product treatment is a crucial factor for extending the product’s shelf life. With the VarioFlash family, Krones already has flash pasteurisers in its portfolio, which particularly excel in terms of low energy and water consumption, as well as meeting the stringent requirements for product quality and …

igus initiates recycling programme for energy chains


Recycling used chains is good for the environment, according to igus Only around 16% of the plastic waste produced in Germany is reused for new products, according to the Plastikatlas 2019. Although a long-lasting plastic energy chain is not comparable with daily throwaway products such as plastic packaging, the question of how to dispose of it …

Emirates SkyCargo operates special charters to fly cherries from Chile


The carrier operated nine charter flights carrying more than 850 tonnes of cherries from Santiago, Chile to East Asia Between 15 Nov-13 Dec 2019, Emirates SkyCargo operated a number of special charter flights to transport cherries from Chile to destinations in East Asia including Shanghai, Hong Kong and Seoul. The cherries made their way from …’s 7Fresh launches Seven Fun lifestyle space


Seven Fun to serve as a “third place” for working professionals Chinese e-commerce company has launched its Seven Fun lifestyle spaces in Beijing. The new concept combines dining, drinking and social. Offering breakfast from sunrise, drinks into the late night and lunch, afternoon tea, snacks and even daily groceries in …

Editor’s pickServing up the umami flavour


Suggested as the “fifth taste”, umami can be naturally found in many foods high in glutamate. This savoury flavour now joins the four basic taste groups in enhancing consumers’ sensation and dining experiences of many flavours. Umami, which translates to “pleasant savoury taste”, has its origins dated back to 1908 in …

Italian packaging machinery sets record turnover of more than 8 billion euros


According to the preliminary figures by the Ucima Research Department, the sector has continued to grow during 2019 with an increase of 1.8% compared to 2018, reporting positive performances both in Italy and in foreign markets The Italian packaging machinery industry has continued its growth with a total turnover exceeding the record figure of 8 …

Bakels takes over Bühler’s flour ingredient business


Bühler has sold its flour ingredient business to Bakels, a Swiss enterprise that focuses on ingredients for bakery and confectionary. Following the acquisition, Bakels will continue its partnership with Bühler to develop the flour ingredients business. Both companies will also cooperate strategically to offer flour ingredient solutions …

The food and beverage ingredient world hosted in Paris


Informa Markets hails Fi Europe & Ni 2019 “most successful” edition in France to date With a thematic and geographical scope – exhibitors from 74 countries and visitors from 173 countries – Fi Europe & Ni was once again a meeting place for the international food and beverage industry. In its 33rd year of Fi Europe …