Clean Design Portfolio Helps Producers Meet Food Industry Requirements


The Clean Design valve terminal MPA-C is setting a new standard.

Consumers want to enjoy food without risk. Safety in food production is ensured by international directives and standards such as the European Union Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC or EN ISO 14159. To help system builders and food producers to meet these requirements as simply as possible, Festo has developed trailblazing automation components for use in hygienically critical environments and those subject to intensive cleaning 

The portfolio from Festo includes components and solutions ranging from valve terminals to electric and pneumatic drives. All these components have been produced as strictly Clean Design items, connected by hygienic tubing and fittings.

Valve terminals

The Clean Design valve terminal MPA-C is setting a new standard. It meets the requirements for protection class IP69K and CRC4, the highest corrosion resistance class at Festo.  These products, complemented by a redundant seal system, allow problem-free cleaning with high pressure jets or foam and enable valve terminals to be installed in locations with harsh environmental conditions. They are of course made of FDA-compliant materials and are lubricated with NSF-H1 grease.

Pneumatic and electric drives

The electric cylinder ESBF is a real power package in Clean Look. Thanks to its optional features such as protection class IP65, increased corrosion protection and FDA-certified grease, it is ideal for use in the food and beverage industry. The stainless steel round cylinder CRDSNU from Festo also helps to avoid sources of infection as its extremely smooth surfaces make it easy to clean. A further useful option is the self-adjusting end position cushioning (PPS) which has no need for the potential dirt traps of adjusting screws.

Festo also offers a modular seal system for many different requirements. For example, the dry-running seal ensures that the drive will continue to operate reliably even if the factory lubrication is washed away by intensive cleaning.

Pneumatic connection technology

Even the smallest component can have a big effect, which is why the stainless steel fitting NPCK fulfils all the Clean Design requirements.  The special union nut design prevents dirty edges and the build-up of microorganisms or other forms of contamination. The fittings can be combined with the comprehensive range of tubing.