Chr. Hansen Launches Oil Soluble Colours Sourced from Nature


Seven new solutions from Chr. Hansen that can be blended into almost any shade

Singapore - Consumers across the South East Asia region are increasingly looking for products that are natural, safe to use and without additives1

Perhaps it is no surprise then that new product launches with natural colors have surpassed that of artificial colors over the last few years in the South East Asian markets 2.  With close to 45% of all consumers wanting their snacks to be made from natural ingredients and be free from artificial colors, indulgence food manufacturers are looking for new color solutions 3.

That is why Chr. Hansen is now launching seven new oil soluble colors from natural sources such as fruits, vegetables and other edible plants. Many of these are water soluble by nature and would normally not disperse well in oil based food. However, Chr. Hansen’s new formulation technique has made them easily dispersible in oil.

“The oil soluble colors are in liquid form and are easy for manufacturers to use. The colors are bright and ready for use, developed for stable blending and ambient storage,” says Adam Dundas, Sales Director, ANZ & SEA. 

The oil soluble range, which is now expanded with seven new products, is created from sources like turmeric, paprika, red radish and spirulina, can be used in confectionary, ice cream coating, savory snacks and fat filling for biscuits. The range includes a new bright blue and green, as well as a new high strength pink and ready to use non-caramel brown. The full portfolio provides the widest range of oil soluble colors sourced from nature in the industry today.

Art on a plate

Fueled by the Social Media trend of sharing pictures of food, it is perhaps more true than ever to say that we ‘eat with our eyes’. Brands are motivated to create new and unique shapes and designs, as well as novel and vibrant colors, to deliver food that is ‘worthy’ of consumer praise and social media posts4.

“The attention to aesthetics, accompanied with new and unusual flavors is increasingly popular in Asia. With this comes the need for exciting and vibrant colors that match the consumer expectation of the presentation and flavor. Our new oil soluble products are also easy to blend, providing an even wider palette of color solutions and the opportunity to develop your own unique color blend”, says Jakob Dalmose Rasmussen, Global Marketing Director for Chr. Hansen Natural Colors.

Your conversion partner

Chr. Hansen has been a successful color conversion partner during the past decades for food and drink manufacturers making the shift from artificial to natural.

“Our technical application expertise, as well as our in depth understanding of local trends and consumer demands, enables us to support our customers in their conversion to natural colors and their ongoing optimization of consistency and application,” adds Adam Dundas.  


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