Editor’s pickBosch launches Pack 403 flow wrapper for medium to high speed applications


The new fully-automated, narrow horizontal flow wrapper Pack 403 from Bosch Packaging Technology is the first machine of its next generation of flow wrappers, ideal for wrapping bars and biscuits, as well as chocolate, cookies and crackers. “Our new Pack 403 offers mid- to large-sized manufacturers a fully-automated packaging solution that is exceptionally easy to operate, clean and maintain. This minimizes downtime and increases Overall Equipment Effectiveness,” says Fransien de Ruijter, product manager at Bosch Packaging Technology in Schiedam, Netherlands. The Pack 403 is dedicated to medium to high speed wrapping, producing up to 800 packages per minute at a film speed of 90 meter. Supported pack styles include pillow, gusseted and easy-to-open packs.


Fully-automated packaging solutions in high demand on Asian market

The Asian biscuit and bars markets in particular are booming. According to our research, the biscuit market is growing by 5.3 percent, while the bar and chocolate market records a 3 percent growth rate. Manufacturers throughout the region are turning to fully-automated processing and packaging equipment in order to increase productivity and keep up with consumer demand. The new Pack 403 not only offers a high level of quality, performance and reliability, but also provides access to global comprehensive customer services, e.g. the regional service hub in Thailand.


User-friendly design for easy handling

User-friendly and easy operation was in focus for the Pack 403`s design. Clear signage, instructive decals and setting scales on each component facilitate changeovers between products and minimize waste and downtime caused by “trial-and-error” adjustments. The cantilevered discharge belt is one of the Pack 403’s key features: being removable, it is exceptionally easy to clean. Its detection function rejects faulty packages and automatically ejects them using compressed air. For even more user-friendliness, the film tower has an easy-to-adjust pivot arm and sequentially numbered film rollers for easy film threading have been added. The Pack 403 also comprises an automatic film splicer with clear instructions to secure fast and smooth film changes without having to stop the machine.


Improved film control and sealing units

Compared to the previous machine series, several updates were made to improve process efficiency and film control, including as standard the servo-driven power feed roller to optimize film tension and tracking. The new fin seal unit consists of pressure-controlled fin wheels to easily adjust the machine when running a variety of products with different films. Due to the cut-out deckplates each package now passes over the fin wheels more closely, which results in even tighter packages. “Operators are now able to remove the fin fold-over unit without tools and have full access to the cutting head area for cleaning and maintenance, which increases OEE,” says de Ruijter. The cross-seal unit in turn stands out for its narrow cutting head, which operators can manually open up for cleaning and clearing using a hand wheel. Air and fork gusseting is available for gusseted packages. In a final step, the mechanically driven overhead roller tightens the package seals on the discharge belt station.