Bayer and Meiogenix collaborate to accelerate agriculture innovation


Bayer and Meiogenix, a biotech company focused on next-generation breeding technologies, have established a strategic alliance to advance agricultural research and development by accelerating the development of Meiogenix’s technologies related to plant breeding and genome editing applications. In a joint statement, both companies affirmed the collaboration has the potential to deliver plant health and nutrition improvements to food crops so farmers can more efficiency and sustainably grow improved plant varieties that deliver the types of foods consumers want.

Jeremy Williams, head of plant biotechnology, crop science research and development, Bayer, commented: “Farmers need innovative solutions as they face limited natural resources and a changing climate. Access to Meiogenix’s technologies could improve the precision and speed with which our breeders enhance crops, which could ultimately accelerate those solutions for the diverse needs of people and our planet.”

Meiogenix’s technologies are used to induce the exchange of genomic regions between chromosomes of plant cells during meiosis, the natural process that generates genetic diversity during plant breeding, including complex traits for improved food quality, plants’ resistance to diseases and pests, and higher yield potential. The resulting hybrids and varieties have the potential to deliver value throughout the food chain, from farmers to consumers.

Luc Mathis, strategic advisor of Meiogenix, added: “Agriculture is facing the challenge of adjusting plant physiology to rapid climate, pest and disease changes, as well as preparing the next generation of healthier food. Collaborating on these new breeding technologies will be key to bringing innovative solutions to farmers and consumers.”