AstaReal Marks 30 Years of Research and Innovation in Astaxanthin


Tokyo, Japan. 27 June 2018 - In 2018, the AstaReal Group, the global leader in natural astaxanthin cultivation and clinical science, celebrates 30 years of research and innovation. Having studied the microalga Haematococcus pluvialis since 1988, the company is at the forefront of the natural astaxanthin industry. Throughout the last three decades, AstaReal has not only dedicated itself to producing high-quality natural astaxanthin products, but also to investing in extensive clinical research. As a result, the organization is globally recognized as an authority in natural astaxanthin science with a portfolio of nearly 60 human clinical trials – making AstaReal® the most widely researched brand of natural astaxanthin on the market.

The journey of natural astaxanthin began in Sweden, at Uppsala University which is renowned for its world-class research. In 1988, Dr. Åke Lignell and his team focused on the potential of astaxanthin for human health, and started ground-breaking research on natural astaxanthin.

Then in 1994, they succeeded in becoming the world's first company to commercially produce natural astaxanthin for dietary supplement products from Haematococcus pluvialis, the richest and safest source of astaxanthin. Since then, to meet increasing global demand, the AstaReal Group continued to expand their market leading business with two state-of-the-art production facilities and offices strategically located around the world. Dr Lignell, now Director of R&D at AstaReal Sweden, says: "To see how our company has grown during the past three decades is truly amazing. I am proud to say that research and innovation has remained a core value at AstaReal and is present in our daily mission."

AstaReal's journey of research and innovation has been strengthened by its parent company, the Fuji Chemical Group, a renowned Japanese pharmaceutical enterprise. In the 21st century, the group is placing new emphasis upon preventative healthcare and anti-aging to enrich people's health and quality of life.

Mitsunori Nishida, President of Fuji Chemical Group and AstaReal Group, said: "Our 30th anniversary is an important landmark for the business, which is built on ground-breaking technologies, novel research areas and state-of-the-art solutions for our customers. We are proud to be a leader in the natural astaxanthin industry. AstaReal will continue to differentiate itself by investing in activities that enable us to supply a pure, top quality, high performance product that's supported by science. In addition, we continue to establish other initiatives that, aligned to our corporate philosophy, are making the world healthier with natural astaxanthin."

The anniversary will coincide with several new studies in areas such as muscle performance and sarcopenia, as well as collaborations with leading integrative healthcare advocates. The AstaReal Group will also be launching new, high performance products such as water soluble powders and a range of expertly developed, novel finished formats.

President Mitsunori Nishida added: "At Fuji Chemical, we are constantly striving to make a positive and meaningful contribution to people, society and our future well-being. Leveraging our technical, research and innovation capabilities developed, we plan to continue our ground-breaking work in natural astaxanthin innovation."