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Tackling Food Waste Through Supermarkets of the Future: TOMRA

tomra, supermarket, food waste

09.04.2019. Leuven, Belgium – In addition to making food businesses more profitable, new technologies can also help tackle the fast-approaching issue of global food shortages. Bjorn Thumas, Director Business Development at TOMRA Food, explains.  Supermarkets of the near-future will have their business models radically re-shaped by …

DuPont Releases Clinical Study Results that Demonstrate Benefits of High-Potency, Multi-Strain Probiotic Formulations

dupont, clinical study, probiotics

Nutrients Journal Publishes New Study Suggesting Higher Doses of a DuPont Multispecies Probiotic Formulation May Permit More Benefits for Healthy Adults Than Lower Doses. KANTVIK, Finland, March 21, 2019 – Results from a clinical trial performed by Taverniti and colleagues from the University of Milan (IT) suggest that ingesting higher …

Propak Asia 2019: SACMI to showcase technologies with new features

sacmi, propak asia

An extended range of technologies and excellent service, now with new features provided by the SACMI Customer Service Division. All this and much more at South-East Asia's leading packaging-processing technology fair From cap manufacturing to stretch-blow moulding, an ever-broader, ever-more complete range of technologies is, this year, bristling …

GEA Doubles the Drive Power of its GEA Hilge HYGIA Hygienic Pump

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Düsseldorf (Germany) April 8, 2019 – GEA supplements its GEA Hilge HYGIA range with a 45 kilowatt motor, thereby expanding the hygienic pump’s performance spectrum to a flow rate of 180 cubic meters per hour. The new version is also suitable for demanding pharmaceutical applications, particularly because the use of high-quality, …



  香料一直以来都是食品添加剂中浓墨重彩的一笔,尽管消费者追求安全与健康的食品,但食品的“色,香,味”三个评判标准依然能够轻松刺激人们最原始的味蕾。如何从天然原料中提取香料,让香味更加自然芬芳,让产品风味俱佳,同时又能达到减糖 …