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Symrise Launches Eleven Flavours for Nutty Sweetness

Nuts, Flavours

The indulgence experts from Symrise are launching “totally nuts”, a range of nutty flavours. Eleven taste directions such as hazelnut, pistachio and peanut ensure the perfect gusto with a sweet twist. Symrise has also developed its own virtual reality format that provides customers with information while also addressing them on an …

First Dietary Fibre Verified Natural According to ISO

Natural, Chicory Root, ISO

Major chicory root processor Sensus announced today that their full range of chicory inulin and oligofructose products qualifies as natural according to the new ISO 19657:2017 standard. About a year after ISO set a new standard for food ingredients to be called ‘natural’, chicory root fibre is the first dietary fibre to achieve this …

GEA Builds Dairygold’s Next Milk Powder Plant in Ireland


Düsseldorf (Germany), November 09, 2018 – In July of this year, GEA received the order for Dairygold’s next milk powder plant in Ireland in Mallow, County Cork. The scope includes one new spray drier (GEA’s Multi-Stage Dryer - MSD® size 1000), one new evaporator to match (type 3 MVR), one new 12MT/hr x 25kg GEA powder …

Tackling Diabetes with a Low Glycaemic Diet Using BENEO’s Palatinose™


By Mr. Christian Philippsen, Managing Director, BENEO Asia Pacific Held every year in November, World Diabetes Day sees events around the globe that highlight efforts to prevent and manage diabetes. More than 425 million people around the world currently live with diabetes, a figure that exceeds the combined populations of Indonesia, Thailand, …

Brenntag Launches Global Food & Nutrition Brand


Brenntag recently announced the launch of its global Food & Nutrition brand. The company’s food and beverage specific capabilities in 73 countries, with over 750 dedicated employees and 28 food application and development centers will be drawn together in one coordinated business unit and management. Brenntag Food & Nutrition is at …